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Local Commercial, Port-Vieux de La Ciotat

Le présent appel à projets vise l’attribution d’une convention d’occupation du domaine public (COT) portant sur le droit d’occuper de façon privative, jusqu’au 29 août 2022, un local de 99 m² environ assorti d’une mezzanine de 48 m², situés sur les quais du Port-Vieux de La Ciotat. Cette COT est assortie d’un droit d’entrée de 27 000 EUR environ, en sus du loyer au tarif public en vigueur et des charges.

Modalités d’organisation et de sélection détaillées dans un règlement disponible uniquement au format numérique. Détails et contenu complet de l’AVIS D’APPEL A PROJETS ici :
Télécharger l’avis d’appel à projets / Download the full notice

Date limite de dépôt des candidatures : vendredi 20 mai 2016 avant 16h00.


Crew extranet

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Spring Party 2016 with crews #inrefitinlaciotat … SEE YOU SOON !


La Ciotat Shipyards

La Ciotat Shipyards, the Mediterranean Shipyards to the scale of your Masterpiece.


boats received afloat and ashore each year






hectares in area


With more than 600 vessels handled each year La Ciotat Shipyards is the leading Mediterranean maritime cluster specializing in Superyacht refit and repair.

2016 will bring something bigger to La Ciotat Shipyards creating exciting opportunities for business development in the Megayacht industry.


La Ciotat Shipyards, managed by SEMIDEP-Ciotat, is dedicated to the development of the Shipyards in La Ciotat. Its strategy aims at fostering a durable and sustainable economic development of the shipyards, with specific attention drawn to permanent job creation.

SEMIDEP-Ciotat operates on a partnership basis, looking for co-investors sharing its ambition for the shipyards. In return, SEMIDEP-Ciotat expects its partners to demonstrate substantial commitment to the development of the activities in the long term.

Learn more about La Ciotat Shipyards history




La Ciotat Shipyards
La Ciotat Shipyards added 4 new photos.April 30, 2016 at 6:12pm

Great #springparty2016lcshipyards last Thursday organised by La Ciotat Shipyards represented by its CEO Jean Yves SAUSSOL, in presence of our guests, 250 crew members #inrefitinlaciotat, our friends Monaco Marine La Ciotat, Compositeworks and our partners Lunautica, 9 of the greatests vineyards...

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La Ciotat Shipyards
La Ciotat ShipyardsApril 28, 2016 at 10:56pm

After wine tasting, fire is on the #dancefloor for crews in the #springparty2016lcshipyards #inrefitinlaciotat #somethingbigger #lcshipyards

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La Ciotat Shipyards
La Ciotat Shipyards added 2 new photos to the album: Work In Progress in "La Grande Forme".April 21, 2016 at 3:36pm

Formwork of the pumping station / Coffrage de la station de pompage
Photo Bertrand Stantina

Work In Progress in "La Grande Forme"
#SomethingBigger #LaCiotatShipyards #Shipyards #MegaYachts #SuperYacht #LaGrandeForme...

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La Ciotat Shipyards
La Ciotat ShipyardsApril 21, 2016 at 3:13pm

Local Commercial, Port-Vieux de La Ciotat

Le présent appel à projets vise l’attribution d’une convention d’occupation du domaine public (COT) portant sur le droit d’occuper de façon privative, jusqu’au 29 août 2022, un local...

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April 21, 2016 at 12:18pm
Local Commercial, Port-Vieux de La Ciotat #lcshipyards
En savoir plus :
April 20, 2016 at 6:57am
Made in #lcshipyards. Bravo! @ixblue #SomethingBigger #LaCiotatShipyards #Shipyards #MegaYachts #SuperYacht
April 5, 2016 at 1:39pm
JY SAUSSOL @ShipyardsLC CEO @Les_Nauticales: "being on refit market in Mediterranean is major competitive advantage" ShipyardsLC photo

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In 2016 let’s think bigger together

In 2016 La Ciotat Shipyards offers new installations specifically designed to handle MegaYachts: a graving dock with a maximum useable dimension of 335 m and the possibility of modifying to an intermediate length of 200 m. We call it “La Grande Forme”.
Operation of this installation will be in the context of single or multiple partnerships to exploit the full potential of this exceptional project through a long term development plan committed to creating economic activity and employment.

The site has been entirely renovated and updated following a massive investment of 16 m€.

Intended exclusively for yacht refit and repair and with entirely controlled access, it offers a complete state-of-the-art array of equipment and infrastructure necessary for the most ambitious requirements.

See all the movies on our YouTube channel



Usable length: 200 m
(expandable to 335 m)

Usable width: 60 m

Usable draft: 8.5 m

Operating Data

Time to empty: approx. 7 h

Electrical supply up to 1250 A

Waste water management,
fresh water supply

Security controlled access to site

Fibre optic sheath


Gantry crane with maximum working load: 660 t over 3 points

Mobile crane with maximum working load: 170 t

Facilities for additional mobile equipment onto the site

And more…

1600 meters length of available quayside equipped with water terminals/hydrants

Vast available space for new development.

A direct access to the city center

Opening end 2016: interested in knowing more?  Contact us!






Work In Progress
in the graving dock


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Exciting opportunities for business development

Be part of one of the leading centers of excellence in the Mediterranean


At the heart of iconic Provence…

For the crews’ pleasure, near the yachts playground

Crew play a decisive role in influencing the choice of refit shipyard. La Ciotat Shipyards nested in the heart of Provence offers the best location only a ½ hour drive from the three exciting cities of Marseille, Aix-en-Provence and Toulon.

To access the news for crews, photos, etc… click here : CREW EXTRANET


Every day in a quiet luxury house with seaview in La Ciotat

For a week up to 10 ski-resorts in under 2  ½ hours by car

For an afternoon Plenty of cultural attractions and shopping malls in the metropolitan area (photo of Marseille’s old harbour and MUCEM Museum)

Every night 600+ boats each year : more opportunities to have fun with friends, at a stone’s throw from Cassis and the calanques



















The Region

To know more about the region, visit the sites below:

Your Services

The concierge company LUNAUTICA is present at La Ciotat Shipyards and offers a wide range of quality custom services for crews.

Your Residence

Many crews have chosen to live ashore on the Cote d’Azur. Antibes is only 2h away, Monaco is 2h 20m by car from La Ciotat Shipyards.  For those who wish to live in La Ciotat or close by:  numerous luxury residences are available for rent. 

 Like to know more?  Contact us!


… in enchanting La Ciotat

The warm-hearted human size city of La Ciotat snuggles between the vineyards of Provence and the glorious Mediterranean Sea, at the foot of the picturesque “Bec de l’Aigle” (Eagle’s beak) hill. Nature’s gifts of wine and seafood are yours to enjoy. The sea and the nearby Calanques’ National Park provide an exciting playground for outdoor sports lovers with sailing, diving, rock-climbing, canyoning, trailing, walking, kite surfing or simply sunbathing in stunning scenery.

A shelter of human settlement since the antiquity, La Ciotat is also proud of its historic legacy as a maritime harbor, the birthplace of cinema and the typical Provencal game of “pétanque”. For adults and children, lively festivals, cultural events and sports exhibitions brighten each month of the year.