A 40 000m2 refit platform and a 4300 tons shiplift

To this day, the harbor of La Ciotat is the only site in France to accomodate megayachts refit projects, thanks to their great dry dock. In 2019, 5 of the 20 biggest yachts in the world had the opportunity to witness the expertise of local companies in the sector. With the significant development of this fast-growing niche market and in order to maintain their leadership, La Ciotat Shipyards want to increase their capacity with the construction of the Atlas platform.

A shiplift designed to become a model in sustainability

La Ciotat Shipyards will start the construction works of the Atlas platform in March 2020 and will be run in different phases: 

  • Soil preparation until summer 2020 with the rerouting of the “Canal de la Bucelle” 
  • The civil engineering will occur at the beginning of September 2020
  • And lastly the construction of the shiplift will start at the beginning of 2021 with the Matière and Bardex corporation. 

Atlas will be launched in 2022.

Chantiers navals La Ciotat février 2020Atlas-4300t

Before / After


Atlas : a few technical characteristics

  • Electrical power : 1,25GW / boat
  • Lift capacity : 4300 tons and 115 meters
  • Minimum rate of recycling ocean disposal : 99,8%
  • Transfer system with a fluid bed
  • Lifting speed in operation : 20 cm / minute

Immersion on board an 80 metre yacht

La Ciotat Shipyards asked the Piloting Station to model the future harbour of La Ciotat with the Atlas platform on their piloting simulator in order to establish the best configuration for the pilots and captains. Welcome on board…

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