La Ciotat Shipyards: outstanding industrial equipment and unique services for yacht repair in the Mediterranean

La Ciotat Shipyards offers equipment particularly suited to the repair and maintenance of yachts of all categories, sailboats or motor yachts from 30 to 200m, and also boats with specific shape. With this variety of equipment, the expertise and know-how of staff and the ecosystem of local businesses, La Ciotat Shipyards is among the world leaders for yacht repair.


The Yacht Platform

Hauling out of yachts under 300T


The Superyacht Platform

Hauling out of yachts up to 2000T


The Great Dry Dock

A unique facility for handling yachts, with no size limit


The Gantry Crane

Hauling out of yachts up to 600T or with peculiar shape, without dismasting


The industrial Quays

For work afloat


The Old Harbor Marina

1000 moorings and dry rack storage spaces in La Ciotat


In 2022 : The Megayachts Platform

Hauling out of giant yachts


La Ciotat Shipyards

La Ciotat Shipyards provides yachts and their crews all the services needed for living on the site as well as for repair and maintenance. From the supply of energy and fluids to security services.

  • Energy and Fluid supply
  • Environment Services
  • Security Services