The La Ciotat shipyards are part of a virtuous ecosystem of communities, public services and associations that share the same values and which support and work with us at the regional, national and international levels.

Shareholder communities

The Bouches du Rhône Department is an essential partner of La Ciotat Shipyards. Responsible for its foundation in 1995, to this day the Deapratment remains the largest shareholder of the company with 34.7% of the capital. Above all, the department is the custodian of the public maritime domain on which the commercial and fishing port of La Ciotat depends. As such, it was the Department that delegated to our company, within the framework of a concession contract signed on December 23, 1996, the management of the port and its subsequent development. The department retains a number of essential prerogatives, including that of acting as the port authority and the port police powers that go with it. It also retains direct management of the AOT (temporary occupation permits) within the leisure basin of the Old Port. Learn more

The Aix-Marseille-Provence Metropolis is our most recent shareholder. However, its role is becoming ever more important given the powers governing economic development that have been devolved to it under the NOTRe law. . It is now the second largest shareholder in the company, with 34.6% of the shares, almost tied with the Department. The Metropolis also owns the land located along Avenue Victor Giraud and Avenue des Calanques on which the yachting village is built. This means that responsibility for the industrial activity within this zone falls within the framework of a Metropolitan service delegation. Learn more

The Provence-Alpes-Côtes d’Azur regionalong with the Department, is one of the two main communities that has been involved since the creation of our company in 1995. It also supplied its first President, Mr. Jean-Claude Gaudin, who was at the time the head of the regional executive. The Region has since seen its share of capital shrink to from 30% to its current 17.9%. Nevertheless it remains an important partner in our community, given its general economic expertise.Learn more

The City of La Ciotat is, of course, a natural partner for our company, even if it is the smallest of the shareholders with 12.7% of the capital. Its support was decisive for the successful conclusion of the loan contract negotiations which have enabled the financing of both the ATLAS-4300t project and the completion of the Yachting Village. Prior to that, our company was also called upon to carry out on behalf of the City the project known as the “Source du Pré”, comprised of 242 housing units and various public facilities. The City of La Ciotat also provides us with vital support through the various services that it delivers, including general management, town planning, archives, communications, events, sports, technical services, etc. These greatly aid our daily operations and promote our facilities and services. Learn more

Other important partners

The Marseille-Fos Pilotage Department

This is a public service that is essential for manoeuvring vessels of more than 70 metres in to and out of the port. They are also responsible for the safety and safeguarding of ships and their crews within the port as well as for the port infrastructure and its environment.

La Maison de la Construction Navale

La Maison de la Construction Navale is a resource centre for the history of the La Ciotat shipyards. It offers both Ciotadens (individual or family audiences, associations, schools etc) and passing visitors, heritage tours of the industrial site as well as exhibitions, conferences and film screenings on the history of shipbuilding that cover maritime activities past and present.

The Aqua Passion Association

Aqua Passion, created by Gérard Carrodano, first “Prudhomme de pêche” in La Ciotat, is a law association dating back to 1901 which aims to promote the protection of the marine environment and the preservation of biodiversity. Its actions include combating marine nuisances, campaigning against the dumping of macro-waste and the destruction of ecologically-sensitive anchorages. It also works to raise public awareness of these issues, particularly among the younger generations.

The GICAN, the French Marine Industry Group

The GICAN is a French association affiliating more than 200 manufacturers in the maritime and shipbuilding industry. Its ambition is to promote the development of the French maritime industry to enable it to play a leading role in the development, security and protection of maritime areas, maritime, air-sea, underwater and coastal areas.

La Water Revolution Foundation

The Water Revolution Foundation is the premier independent, international, science-based, not-for-profit environmental organisation in the superyacht industry. It aims to neutralise the sector’s ecological footprint and preserve the oceans by providing tools and knowledge, and sharing best practices. The Water Revolution aims to achieve this by being a “facilitator of change”.