The Atlas Platform : an equipment dedicated to
the refit of megayachts in La Ciotat

In 2022, La Ciotat Shipyards inaugurated a new platform dedicated to the refit of yachts over 80 metres. With the considerable development of this niche market and in order to maintain its position as world leader, La Ciotat shipyards are fitted with state-of-the-art equipment meeting the highest standards from both a technical and environmental point of view.

Named Atlas after the titan supporting the terrestrial globe, the platform is made up of 7 workstations for yachts up to 115 metres long and a shiplift that can haul up to 4300 tonnes.

The platform has the particularity of having been built on the historic n°1 slipway used by many tankers built in La Ciotat, making this new infrastructure a “bridge” between the past and the future of the industrial site.


Atlas, la nouvelle plateforme de mégayachts à la Ciotat, est opérationnelle !

La Ciotat Shipyards, gestionnaire des chantiers navals de la Ciotat, et MB92, leader mondial de la réparation et de la maintenance de yachts d’exception, annoncent aujourd’hui que le nouvel ascenseur 4300-tonnes, baptisé « Atlas », a accueilli aujourd’hui son premier client. Avec plusieurs réservations déjà programmées cet automne, l’honneur du premier est revenu donc à…

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4300 T




80-115 M

plateforme atlas

Boat type: Superyacht (motor-yachts and sailing-yachts)

Equipment: Shiplift

Number of public hard standing areas: 1

Reservations of public hard standing areas are open to ship repair companies who have previously entered into a risk prevention plan with La Ciotat Shipyards.

Number of hard standing areas used by MB92: 6

Access to MB92 spaces is reserved for the company’s customers ›

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An artificial harbour-based fish nursery

As part of its CSR strategy, La Ciotat Shipyards has equiped the quays of the Atlas platform with an innovative biomimicry system that reproduce the natural habitats of marine species.


« Welcome Crews »

La Ciotat Shipyards strives to offer optimal connection, environmental protection and security services to guarantee the best possible welcome to ships calling at La Ciotat.


Around fifty subcontracting companies specializing in yachting are located in the La Ciotat shipyards. Their proximity to the ships guarantees responsiveness and high-end customer service. True “luxury” craftsmen with unique know-how able to respond to any type of yacht refit or maintenance project.