Alongside the structural investments planned for the site (Megayacht platform and 4 000 t shiplift),
La Ciotat Shipyards launched in early 2019 the restructuring and commercialization of new 12 000 m2 premises,
designed to accommodate companies of the yachting sector, in the heart of the harbor and closer to the ships.

8 000m2 designated for workshops

4 000m2 designated for offices

Approximately thirty companies of excellence of the maritime sector will be able to relocate onsite starting in 2019

Work will begin in the third quarter of 2019 and will take place in four stages:

  • 2019: Demolition of the old welding school and reconstruction of 2 000 m2 of floor space.
  • 2020 › 2021: Construction of the center island.
  • 2023: Construction of 2 800m2 of workspace for tertiary activities.
  • 2024: Development of the area situated facing the shipyards’ entrance and construction of 1 200 m2 of premises.

Companies will be selected by La Ciotat Shipyards according to their expertise, their soundness, and their commitment to participate in the development of the activity on the site, in a win-win approach.

For inquiries regarding the commercialization of the LCS Yachting Village business premises: